Spices for Wellbeing

A selection from our kitchen

Black Pepper –’Kaali Mirch’

Native to Kerala, Southern India
As a rich source of iron, potassium, vitamin K and dietary fiber, provides relief from colds, anemia, diarrhea and constipation, and fights dental and heart disease.

Cumin – ‘Jeera’

Mainly cultivated in the Western states of Rajasthan and Gujarat
Aids digestion, improves immunity, skin disorder, anemia, colds, helps in losing weight and is anti-cancer.

Cardamoms – ‘Illachi’

Used widely across India
Helps to detoxify and reduce nausea, acidity, bloating, gas, heartburn and constipation. India’s popular mouth freshener.

Fennel seeds – ‘Sonf’

Cultivated extensively in
Northern India

Beats indigestion, constipation, regulates blood pressure, prevents acne and sweetens the breath.

Cinammon – ‘Daal Chini’

Grown in Southern India
Called ‘the healthiest spice on the planet’, it is anti fungal and anti- bacterial, helps in losing weight, lowers blood sugar, cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

Fenugreek – ‘Methi’

Used widely across India
A sore throat and fever remedy, aids digestion, soothes skin, reduce scars, resolves skin and hair problems and helps in weight loss; controls blood sugar levels, lowers blood cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Clove – ‘Long’

Grown in the Southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala
The world’s ‘healthiest food’, improves digestion and prevents cold and flu.

Thyme – ‘Ajwain’

Originates from India
Beats diabetes, indigestion and flatulence. Good for losing weight and can desolve kidney stones.

Coriander – ‘Dhania’

Used widely across India
Good for digestion, inflammation, controls infections, beats cancer, boosts immunity, helps in good slee, a rich source of vitamin K.

Turmeric – ‘Haldi’

Originated in Southern India
A wound healer in skincare, relieves arthritis, is anti-depression and anti-cancer.