Authentic Indian Cuisine


Yogurt Chaat Bombs (V)

Street food
Crispy semolina balls stuffed with potato, chickpeas, yogurt and tangy tamarind sauce. (D)


Masala Omelette (V)

Beaten eggs with fresh vegetables, garam masala, cumin seed and black pepper.


Bhel Puri (V)

Street food
A savoury snack of puffed rice and gram flour crisps mixed with freshly chopped vegetables, salad and a sweet tangy tamarind sauce.


Dosa (V)

Street food
A pancake wrap made of fermented Indian white lentil and rice, Served with mint sauce, coconut and tomato chutney.


Masala Omelette Wrap (V)

Beaten eggs, fresh vegetables, with garam masala, cumin seed and black pepper. Wrapped in a freshly baked chapati. (D)


Indigo Paneer Tukra (V)

Hand cut marinated cottage cheese chunks baked with vegetables in tomato sauce. (D)


Indigo Sticky Wings

Chicken wings shallow-fried in a sweet chillisauce.


Masala Dosa & Soup (V)

Street food
A pancake wrap stuffed with mashed potatoes, with salt, turmeric, whole cumin, mango powder, green coriander and green chilli. Served with a traditrional tangy vegetable and lentil soup and a coconut and tomato chutney.


Tandoori Chunks (V)

Marinated chicken chunks in ginger, garlic paste and paprika roasted on coal and served with mint and tomato sauce.


Malai Chicken Burki

Soft chicken pieces in cream, cashewnut paste, ground cardamom, salt and white pepper, served with a sweet and sour sauce. (D, N)


Lamb Shaami Tikki

Mutton mince patty, made with flour and egg white, whole cumin, coriander seed and ginger. Served with a sweet chilli sauce. (D)


Indigo Masala Fish

Whole fish, marinated in ginger, garlic and ground cumin, with home-ground garam masala. Served with salad and grated carrot in tamarind sauces.



Creamy Khumb (V)

Mildly spiced mushrooms in cream sauce. (D, N)


Indigo Special Daal (V)

Traditional Indian style
Red lentil soup, boiled with turmeric, garlic, tomatoes and garnished with freshly roast chopped onions and green coriander plus a light dab of butter.


Mixed Sabzi (V)

Seasonal vegetables shallow-fried with traditional spices.


Malai Paneer (V)

Cottage Cheese cooked in creamy sauce, with salt and black pepper. (D, N)


Shahi Paneer (V)

Cottage cheese cooked in an onion tomato paste and cream sauce with a light touch of salt and paprika powder. (D, N)


Dum Aloo (V)

Boiled roasted baby potatoes cooked in a traditional curry sauce, with ground fennel (D, N)


Chicken Biryiani

South India inspired
Chicken cooked with rice and healthy spices and minty herbs. Served with plain yogurt. (D, N)


Indigo Chicken Curry

Inspired by South Indian cooking
Boneless chicken cooked with coconut milk and whole clove.


Mama's Butter Chicken

North India inspired
Chicken fillet cooked in butter with onion and ginger garlic paste. (D, N)


Chef's Special Keema

Minced lamb cooked with mixed vegetables.


Indigo Lamb Curry

Lamb cooked in a mild curry sauce.


Papa's Rogan Josh

Inspired by a North Indian farmers dish
Lamb cooked with traditional spices, cinnamon stick, cardamom and garam masala.


Fish Curry

Fish marinated in a tomato and roasted red pepper puree with coriander and lime juice.





Freshly baked soft chapati.


Plain Naan


Butter Naan


Garlic Naan


Naan Basket

Mixed naan varieties



Basmati Rice




Mixed Salad